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Ever felt like Goldilocks lost in a dark forest of fitness? Does your living room feel too small but gyms are too big? NZ Fitness is just right. With medium sized classes, your NZ instructors get to know you, your individual fitness needs AND you get the energy of all the fun around you! Ever gone to a class where every one was too “hot” and the people treated you cold? At NZ Fitness we treat everyone just right. Wear what you what, work at it in our “no judgement zone” and be you…a better and more fitter you! Have you ever done a workout that was too hard and made you feel soft. Well, at NZ fitness, we help you find YOUR Fitness. Just right for you. We want you to stay and not run away. We are committed to helping you develop a fitness habit. One you can enjoy. And you will feel like one big bad wolf!!

This is the right place and this is the right time!

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and effective dance-fitness experience that takes the “work” out of a workout. At the end of a class, you can expect to be drenched in sweat, have a smile on your face, and be surprised that an hour has already passed!

 What makes Noble Z Fitness classes different from other studios?

 We work to create a positive, supportive class environment no matter your ability or exercise goals. And we welcome all..from fluffy to fit.

As a small-scale, locally-owned studio, NZ Fitness is the perfect place for those who do not want a big audience watching them work out.  Plus, our limited class sizes ensure your instructors will know your name, your needs, and your fitness goals, whether you are there to lose weight or just have some fun!




There is no “walk of shame” through a crowded room of strangers…at Noble Z we treat everyone as if they are NOBLE!


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